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Roaring Acres Alpacas

Fun Facts:

  • the average life span of an alpaca is about 15-20 years
  • alpacas prefer living in groups of three or more of the same gender
  • they don't have top teeth!
  • our alpacas get shorn once a year - in May - and each adult alpaca provides about 6-8 pounds of fiber per year
  • there are two types of alpacas, suri and huacaya, and our farm is home to both breeds
  • Alpacas can - and do - spit!
  • their main form of communication is humming
  • their gestation period is approximately 11.5 months and the babies are called "cria"


Can we visit anytime?

No, we have set hours depending on the time of year that we allow guests to visit the animals. Current hours will be displayed on Google, Facebook, or on the "Home" page of our website. Always check before visiting in case we need to close. We allow appointments for groups larger than 10, depending on availability.

What do we do at the farm?

Upon arrival, guests will be greeted at the check in booth and are required to sign a waiver. Guests will also be given a safety briefing prior to meeting the alpacas. Once these steps are completed, guests will be let into a pasture by a staff member and given a bag of alpaca feed. Guests are allowed to feed and interact with the alpacas in this pasture and we will have staff members nearby to answer any questions you may have!

How much does it cost to visit the farm?

Visiting the animals is free. Donations or a visit to our farm boutique is encouraged!

Are masks required?

We will be following the state of Connecticut's guidance for our mask policy. (Updated 9.22.21) When outdoors, masks are not required. When visiting the boutique, an indoor space, fully vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a mask, but masks are required for those who are not fully vaccinated. 

Can we bring our dog(s)?

The alpacas are not fond of dogs, thus only trained service dogs (not emotional support animals) are allowed at the farm. This is for the safety of the alpacas and your canines.

Can I feed the animals?

We will provide you with alpaca feed for your visit. Please do not feed the mini horses or mini donkeys. We do not allow visitors to bring their own food for our animals.

Am I allowed to take photos or videos during my visit?

Yes!! OF COURSE!! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram to share your experience!!

Is the farm stroller/wheelchair accessible?

It may not be the smoothest ride as it is a grass/gravel surface, but gates are definitely wide enough to accommodate strollers or wheelchairs. If someone is less mobile, we would be happy to bring the animals closer to them if they can get just inside the pasture.

Is smoking allowed?

NO. Roaring Acres Alpacas is a smoke-free property. Smoking on premises creates a hazard for visitors and animals. Failure to comply will result in removal from our property.

What should I wear or bring with me?

Always check the weather before you visit. Most of your visit at the farm will be outside in the elements. Please dress accordingly and wear appropriate footwear (i.e. sandals/flip-flops or white shoes not recommended). If raining, bring an umbrella or rain jacket.

What is done with the fiber when the alpacas are shorn?

Our fiber is cleaned, processed, and made into socks, gloves, hats, mittens, scarves, blankets, insoles, jewelry, soap, and much more! Come check out the boutique to see our products!

Can I bring lunch/snacks for my family?

Sure! We have limited seating available or you are welcome to bring a picnic blanket and we can show you where to set up. All picnic areas/seating will be outside the pastures with our animals.

Do you have a bathroom?

We do have a porta-potty for our guests to use when visiting.